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      Students get a lesson in agriculture

      Kindergarten through twelfth grade students at Superior Central School in Alger County are finishing up an interesting agricultural project that they began in the fall of 2012. For eight months, science teacher, Tim Bliss, has turned the greenhouse that was built next to the school into a classroom. He has taught his students how to cultivate their own produce by soiling, planting and nurturing the seeds. Students had a slight setback due to the long winter, but now they will finally get to taste the greens and vegetables that they planted last year.

      Senior Maranda Charlebois has learned more than she ever thought she would during this process. "It's helped me see where the food you get from the stores comes from and how much labor goes into it. It's not just, go get a bag of lettuce. You have to weed it and water it. It's a lot of work," says Charlebois.

      Students have learned that the hard work needs to be a team effort. The upperclassmen help the younger students with the workload in the greenhouse.

      Mr. Bliss plans to expand this project to benefit the surrounding community. He says, "Community members will be taking over parts of this greenhouse during the summer. Any produce that's grown during that time is theirs to keep. Anything extra, we're going to recommend that they donate to the local charities."

      This is the first year for the agricultural project, but since the the community has already invested $7,000 into the greenhouse and there is still more grant money to spare, the school plans to make this a permanent part of their soil.