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      Students get competitive about recycling

      November 15 is America Recycles Day , but in Dollar Bay, students have been celebrating for the past week.

      Grades K-6 collected bags of bottles, boxes of paper, and piles and piles of cardboard, all while competing to see who could recycle the most.

      Students in the seventh grade service learning class weighed it all before cramming the recyclables into a van and heading to the Waste Management site in Houghton to drop it off.

      "A lot of kids brought in really random things, but it was a lot of fun to crush it down and recycle it," says Ciarra Shelp.

      Though Dollar Bay Schools practice recycling all year, teacher Kim Stevens thought a recycling competition would get more kids excited about being green. Students were asked to bring in items in different recycling categories each day last week.

      The competition ended Monday with a total of 2,384 pounds collected.

      "About two weeks ago, we did plays to teach the younger kids why recycling is important and that they can make a difference," says Stevens. "They still do things on their own, but it's neat to see with this little project what big results they can get."

      Of course, all the kids did a great job recycling, but the sixth graders brought in the most with over 700 pounds. In addition to bragging rights, they TMll receive a green trophy made from what else? Recycled products!