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      Students get loud and crazy...with socks?

      Students at Graveraet in Marquette will have a chance to wear their loudest and craziest socks for a good cause.

      The students have been learning about empathy and how they can give back to the community. They've come up with an event that will have them donating some of their socks to those who are less fortunate in exchange for being able to wear their crazy socks. They call the event Rock the Socks.

      "The students decided that a need that is very important, especially in the U.P., but isn't often addressed by drives, is the need of socks," said organizer Cindy Depetro. "We had some fun with the concept. It allows them to be a part of their community, to give back to their community and to also show that they are truly empathetic people."

      Other schools have also signed on. Marquette, Negaunee, Ishpeming and Westwood schools have all joined the event. Each school will also serve as a drop-off location for community members to donate their socks.