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      Students graduate at Michigan Tech

      It was a special day for students at Michigan Tech University. Their families and friends came to watch their graduate walk across the stage.

      The orchestra set the tone for what is one of the most important days of a student's life.

      Everyone's excited.

      "There's some really incredible people in our class and some people that are going to do some amazing things in the world. I'm looking forward to seeing what these graduates can do," said Rebecca Sprys, graduate.

      Slowly, nearly 500 graduates made their way into the gym at the Student Development Complex. Students listened to various speakers and words from one of their own.

      "Don't miss opportunities when they present themselves. So if you see something that's an opportunity that comes up, don't pass it up because you are nervous or you don't want to do it," said Justin Jones, Commencement speaker.

      This year 24 students received a PhD, 110 graduated with Master degrees, and 348 got their undergraduate Bachelors degree.

      Some students plan on continuing their education.

      "I'm really, really excited. I'm going to be studying something that has to do with sharks and their metabolism. So it's something I wanted to do my whole life; I'm really excited about it," said Faith Lambert, graduate.

      For some, it took four years, others it took longer, but their hard work and dedication lead them to this day.

      As the graduates of 2012 walk out of school doors, they will face a bright future of unknown opportunities. ã??