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      Students have a field day in Houghton

      Students at Houghton Elementary School didn't have to go to class on Thursday because grades K through fifth participated in a field day.

      This is the second year for the event where students compete in different games based on their grade level. Some of those games include giant volleyball, tug of war, and capture the football.

      "We want the kids to have a day of enjoyment, but more importantly we want them to understand that you can play games and do activities and just do it for fun," said Physical Education Teacher Jared Lawson. "You don't need to worry about who wins or who loses. At the end of the day you just want to have fun and be active."

      After each competition the student athletes got a Gatorade refresher to help keep them hydrated and ready for the next event. School officials say since field day is not a competition, every student goes home with a ribbon for their participation.