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      Students have class on Lake Superior

      Students hold up MooseWood Nature Center sign

      Alyson LaBelle was one of 36 fourth graders from Bothwell Middle School who learned about Lake Superior on a floating classroom.

      "I think it's much more fun instead of just sitting at our desk. I think it's a better way to learn," said LaBelle.

      While aboard the floating classroom, wildlife experts taught the students for four hours. They participated in six learning stations, one of which included an upclose look at a parasitic sea lamprey.

      "We learned about zebra mussels and another mussel, and we also learned about a really big fish that's over there," said Norah Daley.

      "We learned how the fish go into Lake Superior and Lake Michigan. It's really fun," said Lincoln Sager.

      The program is funded by a $1000 grant from Upper Peninsula Environmental Coalition and the Superior Watershed.

      "There's a disconnect with our youth and nature, and surprisingly a lot of kids in Marquette have never seen Marquette and the coastline from the water. By taking them out of the classroom, we think it'll deepen their experience and give them some hands on learning," said Andrew Bek, Moosewood Nature Center executive director.

      Speaking of hands on learning, students also got a chance to dissect fish and learn about their anatomy.

      If the program receives enough funding, they will have another floating classroom next year.