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      Students have hands-on experience at VA

      Gaining insight from experience is helpful when exploring which career to pursue.

      At the second annual Career Day at the Oscar G. Johnson Medical Center in Iron Mountain, high school students were able to see the many work options offered.

      â??I always thought there would be just doctors or nurses,â?? explained student Thomas Hagan, â??but there's a bunch, like computer engineering, a bunch of different pathways to go.â??

      The day began with a tour of the facilities and many different facets of the center.

      But the real hands-on experience came when students got to test out the equipment during some of the career booths.

      â??Iâ??m more interested now,â?? Hagan said. â??At first, I didn't know what I was wanting to go towards, but after I went through some of the courses that they have here at the VA, it's made me a lot more interested in some of the pathways that are here.â??

      Students got to participate in activities such as resuscitating a simulated patient and inserting a tracheal intubation. Those helping out also wanted students to know that there is much more to working at the VA than simply medical careers.

      â??We, of course, couldn't do our mission if we didn't have housekeeping, all the way to the kitchen staff, all the way to our nurses, our clinicians, our clerks: everybody,â?? explained Lead Patient Advocate, Maryanne Gibler.

      Itâ??s all a part of helping students find the path that they're supposed to be on.