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      Students help build a home

      Volunteers from Northern Michigan University put down the books and picked up some hammers on Friday.

      Groups of students helped Marquette County Habitat for Humanity as they continue to build a home in Negaunee. The volunteers worked side-by-side with Habitat crews. This was part of the NMU Volunteer Center's spring service sampler.

      "Volunteering is important because you help people in the community," said Assistant Coordinator Seth Kratz. "There are a lot of people that you've never met before that, when you volunteer, you meet. I just met 10 new people today that I probably would have never met unless I volunteered, and it really helps people out. You see how much people appreciate it, and you just want to keep doing it."

      The service sampler pairs student volunteers with a variety of organizations this month. Among the organizations are the Bay Cliff Health Camp, the Upper Peninsula Animal Welfare Shelter and the Jacobetti Home for Veterans.