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      Students help community get in touch with technology

      Digital Learning Day is a nationwide celebration highlighting the educational innovations that come with having technology in the classroom.

      This is the first year Jeffers High School students got involved and decided to allow their community to join the festivities.

      â??We have three separate rooms, and there'll be sessions going on between 6 and 8 p.m.,â?? said 11th grader Wynter Lindgren. â??Anybody can'll be 30 minutes; just devoted time to understand something better.â??

      That something is technology. Business students are required to do community service. They chose to offer their community a chance to become more familiar with computer programs.

      â??We'll be teaching the parents and the grandparents,â?? added senior Stephanie Fraki. â??They'll be sitting in class at the computers, and we'll go through a lesson, and we'll each individually be helping them as they need it.â??

      The girls say technology opens doors, and they want to help others reap the benefits.

      â??You can never know too much,â?? Fraki insisted. â??I think most people that come here will learn the basics.â??

      If all goes well with Wednesday night's program, students may offer another night of digital learning.