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      Students helping students across the globe

      Marquette High School students are doing their part to help fellow classmates around the globe.

      The Marquette Senior High School's Business Professionals of America are selling wrist bands to raise money for underprivileged students in developing countries. The bracelets are called YUDA Bands and come in various designs and colors.

      The bracelets cost seven dollars, and every penny of that money goes directly to the three adopted students through the program.

      "How often do we take it for granted every day that we can go to school," said student BPA member, Marresa Bovee. "An education is provided for us. There are students all over the world that don't have an education, they have to work hard. So if we can help by buying a band that we are going to wear as a Christmas present, give it as a gift, why not have money go towards that."

      The bracelets are also being sold at Bothwell Middle School. The students hope to sell over 500 before the program ends next Friday.