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      Students helping students

      Students helping other students is something Michigan Tech's First Responder EMS program can be proud of.

      These students and staff are licensed and have been trained to provide patients with quality pre-hospital care until Mercy Ambulance arrives.

      "We've been helping all kinds of people. We've had just small cuts and scrapes at some of the games. We've also had a couple of times where we've had to splint people who have broken bones. A lot of times we're just there to make an image that we are there to help," said student first responder, Gage Pruyne.

      This is a fairly new program that's only been around since July of this year, and they have already made an impact on the community.

      Mercy Ambulance donated the rig while Portage Health donated the money to paint it in the school TMs colors.

      This first responder vehicle is fully equipped with all of the materials they need to respond to any types of emergencies, like this AED machine that can help with cardiac arrest or a backboard to take you to the hospital.

      Some of the students enter the program with prior training while others have gone through the medical first responder class offered at Michigan Tech. Even though school is a top priority for these students, they are excited to volunteer for such a worthwhile cause.

      "We talk about education being taking classes, but I think education is a lot more than taking classes. That's not to disrespect our academic portion of our education here. It's about learning to be good citizens," said EMT Director Jon Stone.

      These students are serving the community, and though no serious medical emergencies have happened yet, they are trained and braced for anything.