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      Students keeping fit during the winter

      Students at Sandy Knoll Elementary are working hard during the winter months to stay fit.

      They call it the Mileage Club and it's an effort to encourage children to stay active and teach them the benefits of staying on pace to achieve a goal.

      The program is run by Erika Goudzwaard who keeps track of the progress using a rewards system and a map that tracks the progress of the students as a whole.

      "I really like the idea of it and the idea that it was keeping kids physically fit," said Goudzwaard. "I thought it was a great program to get started for them and even to show kids that they can be really great at running."

      The kids have ran a total of 2,312 miles. Along their way they have made stops in Milwaukee, Detroit, Pittsburgh and will soon reach Orlando, Florida.

      Goudzwaard expects once the weather warms up the kids will rack up miles very quickly.