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      Students learn about local government

      Marquette Senior High School students got a chance to see what being on the city's commission is like at Monday night's meeting. Members of the students council at MSHS shadowed the commission. Sitting in on the meeting gave them a first hand look at how local government works. Using their experience from their student council, the students were able to see some similarities within the commission meeting.

      "People from the city actually come and they talk to you but that happens in our school when people ask for money to help with their clubs but they deal with bigger issues than what we do in our school," said Reilly Coombs a Freshman member of the MSHS Student Council. "I didn't know they had to deal with the whole city I thought they had to deal with minor things but they do the whole thing."

      City commissioners expressed their excitement to work alongside the students several times during the meeting. The students also received a plaque and Marquette city pin for their efforts Monday night.