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      Students learn from pros

      Monday evening marked an exciting moment at the Norway Fine Arts Center.

      A nationally-known vocal group on tour stopped in Norway to not only perform for an audience, but be an inspiration to choir students.

      The a capella group, "The Cat's Pajamas", is known for their unique vocal arrangements and sounds they produce without instruments. The group appeared on the NBC show "The Sing Off" and tour frequently.

      The group says it's important to them that students learn and are encouraged about music.

      "We had a lot of fun working with the kids today. We watched them do their song "Sway" by Michael Buble and saw some of their strengths and some things they could also work on a little bit, "said Beat Bass member, Brian Skinner. "We talked with them a little bit," he added, "and also talked to them about what it's like being a professional performer."

      Some of the high school choir students had the opportunity to learn a song with the group in the afternoon, and then perform it on stage next to them.

      The auditorium held a full house of people coming in on a cold U.P. night to experience an energetic musical performance.