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      Students learn how to code

      What do you know about programming computers?Students at Westwood High School are learning how to code computers during the Hour of Code. It may seem like a game, but it's actually coding. Students learn about programming computers."First exercise was really easy, and I just thought this is too easy to be coding. Then, as you go on, you have to progress a little bit. You have to actually think about what you are doing, but definitely it is a learning experience," said Rachel Anderson, student.It's all part of a national campaign called Hour of Code. The goal is to get 10 million students from K-12 exposed to computer programming during Computer Science Education Week. So, by dragging and dropping lines of code like a puzzle, students are creating movement with their characters. It even shows you how to program applications for computers and smartphones."I actually made a calculator one time. It was much like the one you find on your normal Windows PC. It was cool to add my own background in it, change the button text. It was cool to kind of make it my own and personalize it," said Samuel Parnell, student.Technology teacher at WHS, Sabina Austin, says teaching students how computers work is important in an evolving technological-based society. She says it gets them curious about high demanding jobs in computer science."Kids nowadays are exposed to computers. They are also fearful of computers. They think it's the magic inside the box. This takes away that, takes away the mystery of it. They realize they, too, can be in that field," said Austin.The NICE Community Schools is part of Business Professionals of America from which they acquire funding to be able to provide latest technology in their classrooms."I think the exposure we can give our students to technology will help them in whatever path they chose, whether it's college or a career or the military," said Bryan DeAugustine, Superintendent.