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      Students learn in a different setting

      It's not your traditional classroom, but the students were learning, all the same.

      187 fifth grade students from Bothwell Middle School, Cherry Creek Elementary School, and Powell Township School all came together at Bay Cliff Health Camp this week for non-traditional lessons.

      The students stayed for three days and two nights, allowing them to get the perfect camping experience.

      "It's just really fun because you get to do things that you wouldn't really do at school, and you get to stay overnight, which is not usually what we do at field trips," said Norah Daley, 5th grade Bothwell student.

      Teachers began bringing their students on the trip over forty years ago.

      They wanted their students to learn more than just writing and arithmetic.

      "It started, some teachers wanted to give their students a camp experience. I think it started as a one night deal. The teachers came and brought the kids up, did some classes with them spent the night with them in the cabins and it kind of grew. I think it started at one school, and before you knew it everyone was involved," said Mary Bengry, Camp Director.

      But don't be fooled; it's not all fun and games.

      Although the lessons are enjoyable, over the course of the three days, students are required to attend eight ninety minute classes around the camp.

      There are different camping subjects taught, all hands-on, such as gun safety, camp cooking, trusting your teammates, and much more.

      "Well I really like how active all the activities are, and all the classes. And I really like how the lake's just right over there," said Sam Billman, 5th grade Cherry Creek student.

      The seventh graders from Marquette Area Public Schools will attend the camp as well.

      They have slightly different, more advanced lessons.