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      Students learn lessons of good vs. evil at Harry Potter Bible School

      First Presbyterian Church in Marquette has become Hogwarts Presbyterian Academy for the week. The church is putting on a Harry Potter-themed Vacation Bible School. Things start with a dinner in the "great hall," then the kids break into different groups.

      Kids memorize Bible verses and get to create their own crafts and play games, all with a Harry Potter theme. Organizers say it's not about witchcraft, it's about imagination, something the popular books have plenty of.

      "I believe that when we worship God, we worship him, certainly, with our imagination, and I think the Harry Potter books are stories where we can really engage our imaginations. It was very easy to tie in the two themes," said Jenny Cammarata, organizer.

      The camp will also get a visit from some of the animals at the U.P. Children's Museum. The Harry Potter Vacation Bible School goes until Friday when the kids will get their wands.