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      Students learn the art of saving

      Students at the Bark River-Harris School are learning about financial responsibility, thanks to the Delta County Credit Union.

      For the last three years, credit union officials have been regulars at the school on Thursdays. The kids can fill out membership applications, deposit money, and open accounts. Parents don't have to be there for the kids to sign up. Thursday, some of the students got to play ring toss for every five dollars deposited.

      "If you don't learn how to save money, you're not going to have any money saved for college or a car or whatever you need. It's important to save money so you can work towards goals," said student branch teller, Dylan Bloniarz.

      Students 14 and under can open savings accounts, and the older students can open checking accounts and get check cards. The credit union has this same program at Holy Name School in Escanaba.