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      Students learn the meaning behind POWER

      Students at Birchview Elementary in Ishpeming are learning a little something about hematite power early in the new school year.

      The students sat in on a presentation about power, a word they've broken down into an acronym to teach the students character values.

      "P" stands for having a positive attitude, "O" teaches students to observe safety rules, "W" is for work hard, "E" is expect excellence and "R" encourages students to respect all.

      Faculty and staff hope the students can apply the lessons in and out of the classroom.

      "You should respect others a lot and you should just be really nice to people, respect everybody," said Max Wiljanen, 3rd grader.

      "We use that acronym so that they are able to better remember or power up, as we often remind them to do, so they can set a good example and start to become those wonderful citizens we are striving for them to be," said Briana Bancroft, 3rd grade teacher.

      The POWER Program also included a song that helped the students remember what power stands for.

      The students received a brochure to bring home to their parents.