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      Students learn winterization techniques

      Insulation, caulk, and door sweeps. These are things Jeffers High School students learned are necessary for properly winterizing your home.

      By using a model home built by Calumet High School woodshop students, the non-profit, New Power Tour, Inc., has a goal of teaching students how to increase the use of renewable resources to make their homes more energy efficient.

      â??What we do in that situation is make it possible for the students to learn these skills while benefitting a sector of society that makes it so that they don't have to spend as much money on their heat, and they'll be a little warmer,â?? said New Power Tour, Inc. managing director, Melissa Davis.

      Through a grant from the Keweenaw Community Foundationâ??s Youth Advisory Council, New Power Tour, Inc. and Michigan Tech's ETEC School of Construction will take the model home to different schools for the next three months as an extension of their Copper Country Winterization Program.

      â??We put a broad net out there so not only can they do it at home, but they can do it at their neighbor's house, or their aunt's house, their grandmother's house,â?? explained ETEC student ambassador, Charles Fobbs.

      Nine winterization basics are caulking around windows and wire inlets; insulating rim joists, water heater, and water pipes; vacuum out the dryer vent line and refrigerator fins; install door sweeps; and add padding under light switches and electrical outlets.

      â??Every house will have very specific things that can be done,â?? Fobbs added. â??These are just some common things that will help.â??

      Davis said a home can be winterized for under $200, and the investment will pay for itself in less than a year.

      â??You can definitely go back and check every few years just to make sure that the caulk is holding up, things of that nature, but it's definitely not something that will just take care for the rest of your life, but it can help you for several years to come,â?? Fobbs said.

      â??Students will go through the rest of their lives knowing a little bit more about how to stay warmer and save money,â?? Davis added.

      For more information about New Power Tour, Inc. and the Copper Country Winterization Program, visit their website .