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      Students leave a legacy

      Everyone likes to know they've left a legacy behind, whether they're leaving their mark on a town or just looking for bigger and better things.

      For seniors at Marquette Alternative High School, leaving a legacy is all about helping others.

      For seniors Chad and Brittany, the legacy project at Marquette Alternative High School is a way to share their stories.

      Brittany Nault's project involves helping to create a space for students to relax.

      "We chose the rec room because it was a place for the students to go during lunch so that they weren't walking around in the cold or doing other things," explained Nault.

      Chad Voet chose a different option.

      "We started building a project, my buddy Andrew Koval and I. We started making a video on the history of the school and what we're all about and the artwork," said Voet.

      The legacy projects allow the students to leave their mark on the school. The beauty of them? They can be whatever the students want them to be.

      All senior students are able to showcase their experiences and accomplishments achieved during their time at MAHS. The goal of the projects is to have students leave a legacy that will benefit future students, the school and the Marquette community. Students can work alone or in groups, and the project's timeline spans over three of the four marking periods.

      Many project ideas are in progress. Among them, different donation projects for the community, artistic murals on the school walls, scrapbooks and more.

      MAHS teachers say this is a productive and positive way for each graduating class to serve as an inspiration for the school community.