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      Students open credit union in school

      Itâ??s been said that practical wisdom is only to be learned in the school of experience. Well, students at Kingsford High School are doing just that: experiencing real-life in school. The Kingsford High School Credit Union just started its services with the help and supervision of the Iron Mountain-Kingsford Community Federal Credit Union. Junior Danielle McConnell decided to try it out, with the hopes of gaining a broader understanding of how credit unions work in the real world. â??I decided that it'd be a really fun thing to do,â?? says McConnell, â??and then I got some of my friends to do it with me, and we're here!" said McConnell. After training at the community credit union, the students began some marketing strategies and are now ready to take on the challenge. â??We'll get to learn a lot,â?? says junior, Lauren Smith, â??not just with banking, but on computers. And we're doing a lot of advertising with it, too, and so we're getting a lot of projects on having to make brochures,â?? says Smith. The girls say they're excited to take their real-work experience at the school to help them get an internship at the main credit union branch in Kingsford.

      Credit union supervisor, Sonya Nelson, recognizes the greater advantage this will have for the girls. â??We wanted this to be an all-encompassing experience,â?? says Nelson, â??for jobs in general. Working with other people, working as a team, and hearing how member service is so important when members come in the door--that's going to follow them in any job that they do,â?? explains Nelson. Now, instead of waiting until college to gain experience, this group jumped at the chance to bring that real work experience to their own stage in life.