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      Students pick up schedules and textbooks

      Seniors at Marquette High School picked up their school schedules and textbooks Tuesday for the new school year.

      Starting at 9 a.m. seniors could come to the cafeteria and get their course schedules, textbooks, parking passes and ID cards. Student volunteers from the National Honors Society helped with getting their classmates everything they'd need. Volunteers said it's nice to be able to see everyone's schedules before giving them out.

      "Kids get to see their schedules and get to talk to all of their friends and see them here sometimes," says senior Danielle Jahnke. "They get to see who's in their classes ahead of time before classes come around."

      Textbook and schedule pickup for juniors is Wednesday. Sophomores will be on Thursday and freshmen on Friday. A makeup day is schedule for next Thursday as well. Classes for the Marquette area schools start the day after Labor Day.