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      Students pie the principal for Pi Day

      Students at North Star Academy in Marquette Township pied their principal in the face on Thursday.

      It was all part of a daylong celebration of math known as Pi Day. Students in grades kindergarten through sixth have been earning tickets for learning math facts.

      Their tickets were placed in a jar and randomly selected to pie Principal Tina McNeely. Earlier in the day, the kindergarten class worked on making Geo boards and Mancala boards to help learn counting.

      "We hammered nails into wood and then painted the board white except the bottom," said student Elizabeth Roussin.

      "The other grades are concentrating on everyday math games; they're creating those games, putting them in bags," said teacher Linda Wagner. "The parents will take them home. They are getting instructions on how to do those games."

      Plans are already underway for next year's celebration of math.