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      Students plant flowers during Petunia Pandemonium

      Kids in Marquette plant flowers for 25th annual Petunia Pandemonium

      US-41 in south Marquette is getting a little brighter this weekend, and local students are playing a big part.

      On Friday morning, third grade students from Father Marquette Elementary School helped plant flowers in front of the Lake Superior Community Partnership. Their efforts are part of Petunia Pandemonium.

      This is the 25th year for the massive planting that's sponsored by the Marquette Beautification and Restoration Committee.

      "We're helping out the community and making the community a better and prettier place," said Father Marquette third grader John Weber. "You would want them to come to your house and help you, so you should help out your friends, family, and other people."

      Students from North Star Academy and Bothwell Middle School also planted on Friday. Thousands of flowers of all kinds are being put in the ground, including many more on Saturday morning.

      If you're traveling through south Marquette on Saturday, expect lane closures and slower traffic speeds while the volunteers are at work.