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      Students plant trees to benefit the community

      With gardening tools in hand, over 20 elementary school students walked to the Calumet Lions Club Park to plant 100 hemlock trees.

      Each Calumet student dug a hole for their tree, placed it into the ground, and used mulch and surrounding sticks to secure it. This is all a part of the Calumet Lions Club partnership with the Lake Superior Stewardship Initiative.

      Both organizations feel it is important for students to take care of the environment and also learn from it.

      "This is a long-term investment in the community," said Calumet Lions Club President Barbara Flanagin. "Sometimes you don't see the benefits of planting a tree for many generations. I hope that these students will come back when they're 40 and look at the difference in the park."

      After all of the trees were planted, students got a chance to run around the park and enjoy the sunshine.