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      Students prep for life after school in mock interviews

      Over 50 high school juniors and seniors from across the U.P. had the opportunity to learn valuable life skills at the Copper Country Intermediate School Districtâ??s eighth annual Interview Workshop held at Michigan Tech.

      â??Once students graduate, we want them prepared for the real world,â?? said CCISD Transition Coordinator, Lois Weber. â??We donâ??t want them to go out there and not know how to take care of their checkbook or how to interview to get a job. We want them to be contributing members of society.â??

      Students spent the day learning about setting a budget, balancing a checkbook, writing resumes, and being on a job interview.

      â??Donâ??t be fidgeting with your hands, just try to sit as still as you can,â?? explained Chassell senior, Matt Marshall. â??Answer questions fully, speak clearly, speak loud enough, but not too loud.â??

      They also go through The Reality Store, much like the Game of Life, and are given a salary, marital status, children, and job benefits that they have to fit into a monthly budget.

      â??At the end of it, they get a chance to see if the career that theyâ??ve selected, if they have enough money to cover the lifestyle they want to have with their career,â?? Weber added.

      â??I know now what I can do to save more money throughout life,â?? Marshall expressed. â??Donâ??t always go with the most expensive, the nicest, what everyone is going to get. Donâ??t care about that stuff. Just go through and do it the way you want to in order to come out with the biggest benefits in the end.â??

      The students said they enjoy the experience every year because it helps them realistically prepare for life after school.

      â??Iâ??m looking forward to moving out into adulthood just to see how it goes, just be on your own for a while, and just see if you can make it,â?? Marshall said