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      Students prepare for a performance of their own creation

      Students at the Iron Mountain High School are preparing for their upcoming theatre performance.

      The play, entitled The Auditions, is an original script created by members of the cast. It centers around various theatrical auditions and includes different musical numbers and skits.

      "We had to work with a smaller cast, so what we did is we ended up kind of writing our own play," said Iron Mountain junior Patrick Healy. "We took bits and pieces of skits from places ,and some people are singing songs, and the first act is kind of an audition, so people can do their favorite skits or sing a song for it. It works out really well actually, and I'm really excited for the final product of it."

      Even though they are a little small in size, the cast is excited to perform their original production.

      The performance is scheduled for Friday, March 22 and Saturday, March 23 at 7 p.m.