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      Students prepare for rocket launch

      Some people may say it's not rocket science, but for students at the Kingsford High School...it actually is.

      The students in Bill Bertoldi's rocket science class have constructed a rocket that will be launched in Indiana in April. The rocket has a bobble-head doll strapped to its exterior and it will be let down by a parachute.

      "We've been working on Adam for about a year, and we've been working on our personal rockets throughout the school year," said senior Richard Louys. "I enjoy actually making the rockets and seeing them fly, but also because I'm planning on being a chemical engineer, so it just clicks with me."

      The rocket's previous launch in New York was even aired on the Science Channel. The launch is called Thunderstruck, and it will take place near Purdue University. The students will leave for the launch on April 4.