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      Students raise $4,000 for hospital

      Aspirus Keweenaw received a donation from Calumet High School students for nearly $4,000, benefiting their oncology patient center.

      Calumet students raised money for the third year for Aspirus through their Mass-A-Cure campaign. The students' efforts will go toward buying iPads for patients in the infusion department to use while they undergo treatments.

      Hospital officials say it's the most money ever raised during the Mass-A-Cure campaign.

      "We try to really focus on patient comfort and patient care, and we thought that this would be an added benefit for them to do something while they're sitting in the chairs so they don't get so bored over the long infusions," said Jessica Bessner, Dir. Oncology Service Line.

      The students collected the money through athletic games and other school functions. Hospital officials say the students decided on the iPad idea because they enjoy utilizing their iPads in the classroom.