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      Students rewarded for math challenge

      Students at Father Marquette Elementary got a special treat Friday afternoon for reaching a goal.

      The students have been working on a Moby Math Challenge for the month of May and they hit their goal of 25,000 minutes. Pre-k through fourth graders met the goal and got to see their principal on top of Jilly the Jilberts cow.

      For the staff at Father Marquette, the goal wasn't only about the numbers.

      "The goal for the school was to increase our math skills and I think the children had fun doing it," said Principal Jackie Wright. "If you just ask them to work on math everyday it's not as much fun as having this goal set and the teamwork of being able to reach a school goal."

      After Mrs. Wright climbed off of Jilly, she shared some ice cream, donated by Jilberts, with the students.