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      Students run in honor of victims

      Students from Michigan Tech University ran to show their support for the those affected by the Boston Marathon bombings and the events after, which killed four people and left more than a 170 injured.

      Member of Team Red, White, and Blue, Ben Wittbrowt, says he wanted to show support, so organizing a mile-and-a-half run was it.

      "Things like this happens and a lot of people are angry. It's very emotional for people and they don't have an outlet for it. This is just a way to give people an outlet to do something or show support in some way," said Wittbrowt, organizer.

      He says he didn't think so many people would participate in the run, especially with short notice. However, with flags waving proudly, more than fifty students showed up, many from the ROTC program, others from the fraternities. They all ran together, a mile and a half down College Avenue, escorted by police.

      "It hurts me that people cannot just go out and enjoy themselves on a daily basis on a run. So we're out here to show that we can," said John Laureto.

      Some students came out to show that you can't be afraid to get back out and run, and that victims shouldn't let what happened bring them down. Those affected by the tragedy should stand strong, united with everyone else across the nation, and persevere.

      "I think in an event of a tragedy like this, it's really important to just feel like you are able to do something. It gives us a way to show that, even though we might get knocked down, we're still strong and we're still as one unified nation," said Jessica Suchanek, student.ã??