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      Students seek employers

      Nursing was always what Caitlin Jacobson wanted for her future.

      "This is where my mom went to school, I am a commuter student, and so I just figured it was time in my life to follow what I really wanted to do," said Jacobson.

      Now that she is nearing the end of her college years, Jacobson is looking to start a nursing career, instead of just hitting the books.

      The Bay de Noc Community College Job Fair was a blessing with its abundance of medical facility officials present. Many employers set up and were waiting to see that special potential employee come along and spark their interest.

      A job fair is a way for employers to easily meet prospective job seekers. About 30 booths and tables are set up, and each are visited many times throughout the fair. Resumes and business cards can be exchanged between parties, and hopefully a lasting impression is made by both. First interviews may even take place.

      Bay College's Career Academic Advisor Annette Johnson says it's a wonderful way for students to experience the real world.

      "I've ran workshops for how to prepare for a job fair and to give them some basic tips about dressing professionally, having a polished resume with them, how to speak to employers," said Johnson.ã??

      The workshops and sessions Johnson ran for the students were offered before and during the fair.