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      Students serve Thanksgiving meal

      Father Marquette Elementary School holds Thanksgiving dinner on Tuesday at the St. Peter Cathedral.

      When it comes to Thanksgiving, it's a time to show your appreciation for the things you are grateful for. Students of Father Marquette Elementary School are doing just that with their Thanksgiving dinner, but in a different way.

      "We are going to be doing the dishes, help set up and serve people food," said Tyler Godfrey, student.

      Parents and volunteers took care of cooking all the food for the dinner.

      Some kids set the tables, while others assisted in serving. Fourth graders took care of the cleanup by bussing tables and cleaning dishes.

      "I like doing that stuff because I still think it's fun. I still get to help and serve people," said Kaile Lane, student.

      A sense of service is exactly the message teachers are hoping the students will learn. By having the kids help prepare and serve the meal, they will start understanding the importance of giving back.

      "Kids are really receptive and willing to try new things. So, they are excited about projects like this," said Judy Allie, teacher.

      "We learn a lot about God and we are doing this to serve Him. It's really fun to do it with your family and just have fun," Lane said.

      More than 400 people attended the dinner, which includes the entire school and their families.

      Meals were served in two shifts.