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      Students serve up "Shrek-ghetti"

      MSHS Administrators worked as a "ballet" valet service for the event
      Marquette Senior High School served up a meal to raise money on Saturday, and the main course was "Shrek-ghetti."

      The school's fine arts department is raising money to fund their upcoming presentation of "Shrek the Musical." The students hosted a spaghetti dinner with a Shrek theme, serving up food like "Shrek-ghetti" and "Fiona's Fabulous Salad." The performers acted as waiters for the hundreds that arrived. Money raised will be used for costumes and the set, which exceed the department's budget. "Shrek the Musical" is based on the first movie featuring the loveable ogre.

      "It's definitely a comedy, but it's really emotional. Playing as Shrek, sometimes when I'm singing some of the ballads I get really emotional and you feel for Shrek. It's so sad at some points, and then some songs are so funny, and it's just a really good time. It mixes everywhere with your emotions," said MSHS Senior Chase Wilkinson who is cast as Shrek.

      Also raising money were school administrators dressed in tutus acting as valets. "Shrek the Musical" will be on stage at the Kaufman Auditorium on November 7, 8, and 9.