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      Students stack up on non-perishables

      On Wednesday with one more day to go for the TV6 Canathon, students at Marquette Senior High School are bringing in bags of food.

      During fourth period, students carried bags of food into room 216/218. They are joining efforts to help feed hungry neighbors by collecting non-perishables.

      "Kids that don't have anything; I mean, we take a lot of things for granted, so I think we should be giving them something, too," said Courtney LaFreniere, senior.

      To make it more interesting, they have turned it into a competition between grade levels. Sophomores are making a comeback--so far they have collected the most with 689 items.

      "When we are walking down the halls, all carrying our bags of cans and we just see everything multiply on the tables from all the different homerooms, it's really cool to see," said Julia Janowski, sophomore.

      Many students said they took items from their pantries, others said they saved money to purchase items.

      "You know if they are really in need, you don't want to get some food that's left over and old. So I think going to the store and getting new food is better. They would appreciate it more," said Justin Flood, student.

      Whether the students collect a small or large collection, they all agree every little bit counts. Students say setting aside a couple of items after visiting the grocery store quickly adds up.

      Students calculate how much they have brought in differently then others participating in the Canathon. They separate items from their bags into groups of five, tallying up the number of items they have.

      "I think feeding the families, the kids and giving them something to have over the holidays; if they don't have presents, but they can look forward to a really good meal. That's what I think is important," Flood said.

      So far, students have collected 1,924 food items, but they still have one more day to bring in cans. They are hoping to collect as much as possible.