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      Students stand against social media

      What do prescription drugs, social media, and violent videos games have in common? They are all things Delta County students are taking a stand against.

      â??We basically made a video about how media and how Victoriaâ??s Secret models are influencing girls and guys,â?? said Escanaba Middle School student, Dacota Lambert. â??And how their body image looks, and how they want to be skinnier. And theyâ??re just trying to lose weight when they donâ??t need to.â??

      The talents of local youth were recognized recently by the Substance Abuse and Violence Education. Students in seventh through 12th grade produced 60-second videos addressing the health effects of excessive media.

      â??We did a presentation on kids and teens not getting enough exercise and about social media and stuff like that,â?? said Justin Van Drese

      Each video was unique. Some students focused on the way violent video games affect the mind, while others spoke about obesity, grades, or self image.

      In addition to the videos, posters were created by local fourth, fifth, and sixth graders addressing prescription medication abuse.

      More than 100 students were recognized with awards and a total of $2,500 in cash prizes.

      â??I think itâ??s important that people see them,â?? Lambert said. â??They maybe can realize that what theyâ??re doing is wrong, or tell other people what theyâ??re doing is wrong.â??

      The winning videos will soon be posted to the national campaign website and are expected to get millions of views.

      The ceremony was sponsored by the SAVE Council, Public Health Delta & Menominee Counties, Take the Challenge Foundation, OSF St. Francis Hospital and Medical Group, Hannahville Indian Community, Coalition Against Prescription Drug Abuse, Delta-Schoolcraft Intermediate School District, the Elks Lodge and Johnston Printing.

      To see the winning videos for yourself, visit this website .