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      Students take a hike

      Normally when you think of a classroom, you think of books, papers, and pencils. But for Sandy Knoll Elementary School, a wintry Presque Isle was the students' classroom Friday.

      Students hiked the trail, noting what they saw, heard, smelled, and felt as they went along.

      Once they returned to the classroom, students brushed up on their writing skills, putting pencil to paper, so they would be able to share their earlier experience with others.

      Third grader Zachary Stanley said, "I think my favorite part was seeing the deer in the forest."

      Third grader Nick Olivier said, "I think I'll write about the trip when we were hiking and when we saw the grave of Chief Charlie Kawbawgam."

      Last year the Sandy Knoll students did this very same thing, and faculty saw how much the hiking and writing combination benefited the students academically.

      Sandy Knoll Principal Kevin Hooper said, "Everybody enjoys Presque Isle in the summer time; we want to enjoy four seasons and get the kids out to spend some time together."

      After hearing the students talk about their experiences at Presque Isle, it's clear that the trip was a huge success.

      Sandy Knoll Elementary has decided to make the trip an annual event.