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      Students teach Governor Snyder all about robotics

      Youth in Delta County have been hard at work learning about robotics and creating one of their own.

      Governor Rick Snyder stopped by Wednesday to have a look at what the students have learned and created in the world of robotics.

      Three groups of area youth met in the Gladstone High School gym to talk about learning advanced science, technology, engineering, and math, and how these subjects have helped them create robots.

      "There's so much that goes into just the team...traveling, fundraising. There's a lot more than just building a robot," said LeAnne Barstow, former Team President of the Brave Bots.

      Gladstone and Escanaba High Schools each have their own "For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology", or FIRST, Robotics Teams.

      Both the Escanaba Robomos and the Brave Bots from Gladstone have been very successful with their robotics. Both teams made it this past winter to the State Finals.

      Along with the Robotics Teams, a group of 7 to 10-year-old campers from the Michigan Works! Lego Robotics Summer Camp came to observe and learn.

      The Michigan Works! camp is in its fifth year, and along with teaching the youth, it also gives high schoolers the opportunity to become camp counselors in robotics.

      "I've learned that you can have touch sensors on your robots, and you can have light sensors, too," said nine-year-old Emily Seibert, a camp participant.

      The governor arrived at the camp to explore what the youth have accomplished and what they are learning.

      "Well, they work very hard. I've talked to them about it, and I've talked to teams in the past. A lot of these kids, the season starts in January and goes for six weeks. A lot of them are staying up until ten o'clock, later at night, not only doing all of the traditional schoolwork, but doing this in addition to that. And they deserve a lot of credit," said Governor Snyder.

      The youth say they enjoyed having the governor see what they've been diligently working on.