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      Students throw pies to raise money

      Barkell Elementary students participated in a pie throwing fundraiser on Thursday afternoon.

      Students donated two dollars to throw whipped cream pies at their teachers and principal. The money is being raised for Barkell's physical education teacher, Ryan Walter, and his four-year-old daughter with leukemia.

      Principal Howard Parmentier originally came up with the idea and says he was happy to help out a fellow coworker.

      "We thought this would be a fun way for all the staff, students, community to come together, and thus far it's been a great experience," said Parmentier. "We've raised a lot of money for Mr. Walter's family."

      The school raised around $900 from the pie toss event. The school held fundraising events throughout the month for the Walter family. So far the students had a hat day and pajama day where they donated a dollar to wear a hat and their pajamas to school.