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      Students train with famous violinist

      You might know him from the Trans Siberian Orchestra. Renowned artist Mark Wood was in Marquette, working with orchestra students from Bothwell Middle School and Marquette Senior High School. It's all part of Wood's Electrify Your Strings program.

      More than 50 string students are preparing for a concert with the help of well-known electric violinist, Mark Wood.

      "It was so cool and I was excited to meet him. He's so much fun, so nice and he's very good," said Karissa Langsford, student.

      Wood travels across the world promoting music education with the Electrify Your Strings program. It's a rock-n-roll workshop that inspires kids to find their connection and confidence with music.

      "Embrace them, encourage them and celebrate. Great job! Thank you for coming up; you are a rock star. You need to do this with every moment of your life. All of a sudden they're 10 feet off the ground, and we want to keep them that way for the rest of their lives," said Wood.

      "I thought it was great. We learned so many cool things about playing our instruments, and I just really enjoyed the whole thing," said Michaela Johnson, student.

      Wood taught them to not hold back, to feel the music and let it shine by smiling. He also challenged them to go beyond their limits by playing through heart and memory without music sheets.

      "It's challenging, but fun, with the motions, the talking and yelling. It makes it even more fun," said Greyson Anthos, student.

      "Our goal is to empower their inner strength so they can stand up proud and strong, no matter any situation," Wood said.

      They will be performing five pieces including We Will Rock You and Viva La Vida. To offset the cost of the program, they are raffling off a five-string violin.

      Students will play alongside Wood Thursday night at 7 p.m. at the Kaufman Auditorium. Tickets for family are $12, per person are $5.

      For more information about Mark Wood and his program, click here.