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      Studying abroad in college could help in the future

      AHA International was at NMU Monday trying to encourage students to study abroad...Italy, Ireland, even Cuba and Morocco.

      These countries and more are all places that NMU students can study abroad. But why would a student to leave the U.P. to study in a different country?

      Well, according to NMU's study abroad program , it could be all worth it in the future.

      "Whether it's a job or a graduate program, they're looking for someone with integral competency. Looking for somebody who has had experience, diving into a new environment, and being able to adapt to that environment, learn from it, synthesize it, put it back out," said AHA International Representative Andrew Burt.

      And, students can study anything.

      "I've had students tell me it doesn't matter if they study dance in Paris or art in Italy. It has helped them get jobs in finance, helped them secure a position in med school, because that's actually what employers and schools are looking for right now....somebody who's had that kind of experience," Burt adds.

      Students were visiting the booth all day, discussing abroad options.

      "When you see all these big ideas you always learned about, hearing about these people and who walked these streets and see what these people saw....just to be a part of that culture seems really exciting to me," said NMU student Derek Larson.

      According to the organization, the biggest reason students decide not to study abroad is because they don't want to leave NMU for a whole semester.