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      Sturgeon River under flood advisory, to be monitored over weekend

      George Rajala, resident on Sturgeon River Road, isnâ??t letting a little water slow him down.

      After living on the river for most of his life, he said the annual spring flood is something heâ??s used to.

      â??Oh, no, no, I donâ??t leave,â?? said Rajala. â??If it gets real bad, I bring my truck across the river, and then I use a boat to get across.â??

      What may only be about eight inches or so of water to drive through on his road now could get deeper.

      The Sturgeon River is over the 10.5-foot flood stage at 10.62 feet, and imminent weather conditions for the Copper Country Thursday night and Friday have the potential to create troubled waters.

      Houghton County Emergency Manager, Jack Dueweke, said regardless of any forecast snow or rain, he doesnâ??t expect catastrophic conditions.

      â??If we can keep from having any really rapid melt or some extraordinary rain event, then I think weâ??re going to be ok, but the next three to five days will be the dicey-est time,â?? he said.

      â??The days have been warm, the nights have been cold, but there tends to be a lot of snow upriver, and if it melts, we get a lot of rain, we get warm weather, then itâ??ll get worse,â?? added Rajala.

      Most of the roads by the river are still passable, but they are getting muddy and soft.

      County officials are asking people that donâ??t live on Sturgeon River Road to stay away. An increase in traffic will create ruts in the roads and make driving more difficult for residents.

      â??Theyâ??ve got to live there 12 months a year while youâ??re wrecking the roads two weeks of the year,â?? said Dueweke.

      Rajala said he lives there 12 months of the year for a reason. The flooding every year may be an inconvenience, but heâ??s here to stay.

      â??Itâ??s actually nice and quiet, and summer times are beautiful, but you got to put up with the flood and put up with the snow,â?? he said. â??But thatâ??s why we all live here.â??

      A flood advisory from the National Weather Service is in still effect for the Sturgeon River location in Chassell.