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      Subway burglar calls Delta County court system a joke

      The mood was tense Tuesday at Delta County Circuit Court as the Wisconsin man found guilty of five felonies involving the Escanaba Subway thefts, was sentenced.

      Brook Grzelak was sentenced to nine and a half years and up to 30 years, for each of the two counts of safe breaking. For two counts of breaking and entering with intent, he received least six years and four months but no greater than 30 years, for each charge. He also received four to 15 years for possession of burglary tools.

      Grzelak is confident this decision will be overturned.

      â??This whole system up here has been a total joke," said Grzelak."You guys havenâ??t listened to the constitutional law. You apply it however you wantâ?| Itâ??s illegal from start to finish and I ainâ??t worried about whatever you did because when I get to the Court of Appeals, this is tossed. I go back to Wisconsin for their case, that gets tossed, and Iâ??m back on the street inside of a year. So, whatever you want to do today, do it. I donâ??t really give a damn.â??

      Grzelak filed a motion for relief pending appeal. Judge Davis denied it.