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      Successful fishing derby at Rice Lake

      "It feels slimy," said Clara Frederick.

      Kids were showing off their catches from Rice Lake at the 40th annual Fishing Derby. Clara Frederick caught her first bull head.

      "How do you know it's a bull head?" I asked. "Because it has like these little whiskers," Clara explained.

      However, she wasn't the only one catching fish. For many people without a fishing license, the derby is an opportunity to show their kids what fishing is all about.

      Some families have turned it into a family tradition, coming every year.

      "Yeah, he talks about it every year. He wants to keep coming back. It's been an enjoyable experience," said Dan Eikkenberry.

      Many were excited to see how their fish weighed in, hoping to win a prize, like a kayak, for the biggest fish overall or in their category. Some were bringing in fish from at least five inches to nineteen inches on up.

      Parents say it's not about having the biggest catch but seeing their kid's face light up when they are reeling one in.

      After being asked why he likes to fish, Nathan Marcotte says it's fun.

      "'Cause sometimes you can get big fish," said Nathan Marcotte.

      On this day, his biggest fish was a pike.