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      Sugar cookies, fruit cake, and traditional foods for the holiday

      The Facebook Friday story for December 6, 2013 took a look at some popular and traditional holiday recipes.

      At the Cookie Jar in Marquette, owner Helen Forsberg said the decorated sugar cookies she made came in all different shapes and sizes, and they are a big hit during the holiday season.

      "The colors, the frosting, the different colors and decorating the love those, but it's the colors that makes it fun," said Forsberg.

      Born in Greece, Forsberg also offers some traditional baked goods.

      "The Baklava and then the Kourabiedes, which are the sugar and butter cookies, are traditional for the Christmas time," Forsberg said.

      On the TV6 and FOX UP Facebook page, Karly Njust said, "We bake Christmas cookies as a family before Christmas. I also bake gift baskets for my grandmas. They usually include some type of cookie, Christmas tree-shaped brownies, homemade fudge, and sometimes chocolate mice."

      Jody Champion said, "I make turtles and give them to friends and family. Some friends hide them from their family. I make them with my sons and whoever we can get to help make them because they take a couple of hours but are well worth it."

      The Huron Mountain Bakery in Marquette said sourdough bread, Stollen (German fruit bread), and fruit cake are just a few customer favorites during the holidays.

      "People really like our fruit cake. We make ours with a spice cake base and then we add all of our candied fruits and then we have two kinds of raisins, dark and golden, which are soaked in rum for a week before we start making the fruit cake," said Rachel Freeman, production manager with the Huron Mountain Bakery.

      The Huron Mountain Bakery said in a 50 pound batch of its well-known fruit cake, 1.75 liters of rum is added into the mix.