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      Suicide prevention coalition formed in Marquette County

      There's a new suicide prevention coalition, and Wednesday afternoon, several agencies gathered at the MARESA building to talk about what needs to be done in helping to save a life.

      Some on the coalition include representatives from the county health department, Marquette General Hospital, Pathways, Great Lakes Recovery, school counselors and law enforcement.

      So far, the main idea brought up is training a wide range of individuals in the community, workplaces, and schools. Training would consist of being able to identify someone who may be suicidal, persuading them to seek help, and making sure they contact necessary resources.

      "A lot of people don't really know where to refer them or what to say or what to do," said Sarah Derwin of the Marquette County Health Department. "When we've had deaths by suicide in our county, it does leave people feeling like there's a need for something to be done, and hopefully through this coalition, we'll be that something."

      Members are hoping to create an action plan within the next few meetings.