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      Summer camp for Boy Scouts

      Tuesday's weather might not have been great camping weather for most, but any weather is camping weather for a group of Boy Scouts at Camp Hiawatha near Munising.

      For four weeks out of the summer, the camp is home to around 600 Boy Scouts from around the country with an extra week for Cub Scouts to go to camp as well.

      "The kids here at Camp Hiawatha come from all over the U.P., including the Marquette, Sault Ste. Marie, Iron Mountain, Escanaba and Houghton areas. We also have kids now coming from all over Lower Michigan. We've had units from Ohio, Illinois, and now we have lots of units from Wisconsin as well." said camp director Kevin Corkin.

      In addition to learning simple camping and wildlife survival skills, the boys learn how to prepare food in a wilderness setting.

      Other physical skills practiced are handicrafting with wood and leather, marksmanship with low-caliber rifles and kayaking in the nearby lake.

      These are skills that Corkin says just can't be learned outside of an outdoor setting.

      "In a school setting, they might not be able to focus. But here, these skills definitely prepare them for the future. Whether its gonna be a hobby that they want to go into... or they might pick up a skill here that turns into a career later on in the future." said Corkin.

      It's generally accepted that the campers love their camp, some so much they decide to come back as counselors themselves.

      "I just came up here as a staff. Just because I remember coming up as a camper...and I just love the staff so much. They're just always great, always helpful, cheerful, enthusiastic and that just kinda inspired me to be a staff here." said Counselor-In-Training Jon Rossio.

      Any Boy Scout from any scout unit is eligible to attend Camp Hiawatha.