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      Summer campers learn safety tips

      Child and Family Services summer camp is underway at North Star Academy. These kids get themselves into something new and exciting every day, like trying on safety gear.

      Tuesday, they learned the importance of safety equipment, and on Wednesday, it was Zumba.

      "You have to wear a lot of safety stuff when you are doing construction because you can get hurt," said Hayden Graves.

      However, taking a trip to the Safety Store is one of many educational trips planned for these kids at the Child and Family Services summer camp. Each trip is a collaborative effort from the community and their parents.

      "One of our moms from our before-and-after school program is a ZumbAtomic instructor. So we structured a week around ZumbAtomic, and she's coming in and sharing with us. We have community members and board members that have things to share that are either coming in or we're going to them," said Sara Morrison, Program Coordinator.

      Throughout the day, kids will spend time working on artwork projects, playing games, and reading. A major part of the camp, though, is staying active and teaching them the importance of having a healthy lifestyle. They make sure kids get outdoors, walk, and just have fun.

      "We do exercises like playing burpees; things like that, and we walk," said Madeline Uren.

      The camp gives parents the flexibility of dropping off their child whenever they'd like, whether it's a full day, half day, or even every other week.

      The camp is Monday to Friday from 6:45 in the morning to 5:30 in the afternoon. Full days are $26 and half days $14.

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