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      Summer camps get ready for youth

      Staff at the Presbytery Point Camp in Michigamme are putting the finishing touches on what they expect to be an exciting summer. This year, it's extra special as they celebrate a milestone.

      "Presbytery Point Camp has been here since 1937; we're actually celebrating our 75th anniversary this summer," said Camp Manager Caron Christopherson.

      They often have to compete with digital technology to get children involved in the outdoors, which is why they've kept their rates low--only $300 per child for one week at camp with a fully trained staff. And they lure them in with an attractive quality. Presbytery Point Camp is surrounded by Lake Michigamme.

      "We offer some basic sailing instruction, canoeing instruction, water safety, swimming instruction, and just water fun," Christopherson said.

      Many of you on Facebook suggested Lake Ellen Camp, Camp Crystal Lake, and a favorite, Camp Batawagama.

      "The weeks at Batawagama were some of the best weeks of my life. I can't wait to have kids and be able to pass it on to them," said Facebook fan Katelyn Dehlin.

      Campsites around the U.P. offer more than just physical activities. They allow youth to bond with each other and deal with outside issues.

      "With so much pressure at schools and all the bullying and stuff nowadays, I think that Presbytery Point definitely is great for kids," said Jennifer Collegnon, a volunteer at the camp.

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